When sex information is wisely given by parents a child trusts. A certain amount of sex play seems to be a normal part of growing up. If he feels free to talk about sexual matters he will take them more naturally and may not have to turn to sex play.

What to do if child is involved in sex play?

Sex play is not uncommon between the age group of 4 to 10. They may undress to show their buttocks or genitals and touch each others organ.

They play a role of mummy and papa. Such play is expected. If it is carried too often child needs a firm but friendly decision. Pay closer attention to the ways child spends his free time and suggest other interests for him. You dont have to be abrupt simply say it is not better.

How much should an adult know about sex?

Every one requires a degree of sexual knowledge but there is little agreement that how much one should know but acquisition of sexual knowledge is vital because sex plays an important part in life and failure in it can frustrate and stunt man's other abilities and potential.


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